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Let's face it, buying property is one of the big decision you make in life. 

It's a scary thought for most people who only just started their property journey. 

Most don't know where to start or listen to the people around them that may not have the expertise.

Others don't have the time to look for the property they're after.

Others may miss the opportunities of buying the property they're after

because it's off the market and they don't know about it. 

Some others may have been overpaying for the property that they chose.

Why Choose Us?

We do all the hard work for you. Tell us what you're looking for.

We'd like to get to know you and we'll tailor our service to you.

We will make your money work hard for you!

From the buying process to managing your property. 

We'll look after you.

What do our clients say about us?

Mira has looked after 3 properties of our for a past few years. We can’t thank her enough. She goes out of her way to ensure the properties are prepared properly so the guests gets an amazing experience while they are staying. Highly recommended! 

~Ian Q~

Mira is like a property doctor, she assess your situation and tailored the solution to your situation

Mira has made the process of renting my investment property a very pleasing experience.

She has a wealth of knowledge of the property industry that can be stressful when renting a place but with Mira’s assistance,

the process has been very smooth and stress-free.

~Angela R~

Mira is an extremely competent professional. I had the pleasure of working with her in the business. She has an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and always does everything to achieve this. She has a practical way of thinking that always helps us to find the best solution for daily challenges. She also has excellent communication and is always available to provide instructions and suggestions for different situations.

~Jose C~

Mira, she’s very good in giving advice and knowledgeable in property matters.
Especially, with the problem with I face. She gives me solutions and explained the reasons of doing things.

Understand my needs in property and tailor it to my needs

~ Juan R~

A very big Thank You to Mira Tedjo and Jose Anzures 
You have all made this transition to Our new Lifestyle very exciting and at ease
Michael & I cannot thank You enough for Your hard work and help with everything along the way.
God Bless You both. Sold in just 23 hours on The Market.
~Mick and Liz~
Highly recommemd Mira!!! She is wikipedia if you need to know the current market trend...Trustworthy...
Go to person if you looking for your next property... especially when you looking to invest she is capable of giving you lot of options..
Good luck!!!
~Baskar S~

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